The Story

Zalisander Contemporary Jewellery was created by Lex Watt in 2011 with the help of the Prince's Trust. Located in Nottingham, Lex is happiest when in her studio armed with a pencil or a blowtorch. She takes inspiration from everything around her but is particularly interested in the visual aspects of growth, encrustation and the reclaiming of man made structures by nature.

A lot of her work revolves around surface texture, which she then accents with natural gemstones from reliable sources.

Lex says of her work "I’ve been making wearable items since I was a child, in many different mediums, but I find in Silver and Gold an immediacy which combined with the inherent preciousness and the sentimental  value we often ascribe to jewellery, expresses my designs perfectly.”

 With her designs, Lex seeks to reinvoke the sense of wonder she felt as a child when reading stories of fairytale treasure.