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My wonderfully sporadic blogging

Hi people, it's been a while...

I can't believe summer is nearly over. I've spent it sorting new collections and images, planning events and teaching jewellery making classes in and around Nottingham.

Teaching!  I didn't plan on teaching classes, but when an old tutor from 10 years back asked me to cover for her maternity leave, I said I'd give it a go. Over the last few months the classes have grown and I've settled down into the swing of it and realised, with some surprise, that I really enjoy teaching.

I like passing along the little tips and tricks learnt by spending long hours at the jewellers bench, and seeing the looks of pride and accomplishment on students' faces, that echoes how I feel when I make something new. This is one made by Sarah from the Friday morning class at Artworks in Beeston. Isn't it pretty?

You can learn more about my classes HERE!

My most recent event was in Nottingham, just off the Market square as part of the Bird in Borrowed Feathers Contemporary Craft Market. You can learn all about the BIBF and their future markets here. They are a lovely lot, focusing on local small independent businesses and promoting craft wherever they find it!


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    Lex Watt

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